Pit Bull Thrown From Overpass Finds Forever Home With The Woman Who Saved Him

In Portland, Oregon, a woman was traveling down a freeway when she noticed something being tossed over the overpass.
It appeared to be a bag at first, but she soon discovered it was a pit bull. She immediately pulled over and dialed her child’s number, April Eells.

Mama rushed the pet to April, who works at a veterinarian clinic. The unfortunate dog had broken bones and torn tendons, and he needed extensive surgery to get back on his feet.

The members of the Eells family began raising funds, and they were successful!

The family developed a strong attachment with the pet dog, which they named Hank, and decided to adopt him!

Hank also represents April Eells’ daughter, who attempted to kill herself last year by jumping over an overpass but happily survived.

April told KPTV, “So, we can’t just turn over on him.” “They’ve both made it. And my own young child had surgery again today, and he had surgery last week, so I simply want them for whatever reason… There’s this similarity, and he came into our life for a reason, and my mother just asserted, “We’re not giving up on him.”

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