As a sign of respect for their animals, the town begins to use silent fireworks

Town Starts Using Silent Fireworks As A Way Of Respecting Their Animals

Fireworks are wonderful, but their loud booms and bangs are increasing the number of lost pets. On the Fourth of July, in fact, there is a 30% rise in lost dogs and cats. The 5th of July is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, which will be overflowing with dogs and cats, many of which will never be reunited with their owners.

Regrettably, “According to national data, just 14% of lost pets are returned to their owners. Worse, 30-60% of missing pets are slaughtered due to their inability to be correctly identified and returned to their owners “Mark Jakubczak, Certified Pet Detective and Founder of PetAmberAlertTM, agrees.

These gloomy figures are depressing, yet there is hope. For example, a town in Italy’s region of Parma, Collecchio, came together and made certain improvements. The homeowners decided to put an end to the heart-pounding cacophony, which causes terrified dogs and cats to flee, become lost, and sometimes be killed by cars.

Enough was enough, so the local government passed new regulations requiring citizens to use silent pyrotechnics in order to respect the animals and reduce the stress caused by noisy fireworks. Collecchio’s pets will no longer experience worry, tension, heart problems, nausea, or tremors as a result of fireworks. The thunderous entertainment will no longer be allowed to scare the pets to death.

However, locals will still be able to enjoy fireworks in the form of silent firecrackers produced by Setti Fireworks. Setti creates a beautiful light show without the noise, and each show can be customized for practically any space.

We congratulate the people of Collecchio on their love and commitment to the animals. If you believe that silent fireworks should be used worldwide to help save our pets from the annual noise-induced distress that so many suffer from, please share this story.

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