A woman discovers little puppies in a dangerous quarry and ensures that they are returned to their mother

Woman Finds Tiny Puppies In Dangerous Quarry And Makes Sure They Get Back To Mom

Ingrid is a Los Angeles street rescuer who saves stray and abandoned pets. She went out to save many canines who were either discarded or feral and living in a large quarry after hearing about them.

Ingrid had rescued a malnourished mother dog the day before this video was filmed, and she assumed the other stray dogs were her puppies. Ingrid began the difficult effort of exploring the 200-acre quarry for them, fearful for their safety.

She combed the area, crawling on the ground, climbing over fences, and speaking with plant employees. Finally, she heard a noise coming from behind some bushes…she had located them! Unfortunately, Ingrid arrived too late to save two of the five puppies, who died of dehydration. But three of them did, and they were reunited with their mother right away.
The mama dog and her puppies grew healthy and strong under the watchful eyes of their rescuer and her team. The puppies have all found loving homes, and Momma Quarry, who is feral and scared of humans, is slowly learning that she is being helped by her rescuers.

Thanks to Ingrid’s persistence and compassion, four lives have been saved! Share this dog rescue with your friends!

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