Tow Truck Driver Tries Rescuing Dog He Finds On Dirt Road, Ends Up Rescuing Elderly Man

Tow Truck Driver Tries Rescuing Dog He Finds On Dirt Road, Ends Up Rescuing Elderly Man

In the process of rescuing what he believed was a lost dog, a tow truck driver ended up rescuing the dog’s owner.

Martin J Hall Jr was travelling to a call along a rural dirt road near Coulterville, California, when he came across a dog obstructing his way. The dog was on a leash and lounging in the scorching sun.

With his sandwich and water, he tried to entice the dog to come over, but the dog refused. “It won’t come to me,” Hall can be heard saying in the footage, which he taped. I try to go closer, but it simply wants to flee. It’s fatigued in some way.”

“It’s a pity this dog won’t come to me; dogs like me on occasion,” Hall continues. He observed a flashlight on the road and a trail off to the side of the road as he looked around.
He decided to seek assistance because the dog failed to warm up to him. “I’m just going to leave some water for him.” When I leave, I’m hoping he’ll drink it.”
He was ready to walk away when he heard yelling from afar. “Wait a minute, I think I hear something.” He then blew up his truck’s engine. “Hello, how are you doing?” He came upon an elderly man who had fallen down an embankment and was harmed while walking down the trail. According to Hall, the man had been lying there for close to 8 hours, having hurt himself when out for an early morning walk.

Chico, the man’s second dog, was defending him while the other had gone to the road to seek assistance.
When Hall realized Chico wouldn’t let him go any closer to the injured man, he went to Paul’s wife’s house, which was about a mile away, according to Hall, who spoke to WRAL-TV. Help was summoned, and both the dogs and the man were rescued.

Despite the fact that Hall does not refer to what he did as a rescue, I believe the dogs and the old man he assisted would disagree.

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