Two German Shepherds that had nothing except each other look for their forever home

Two German Shepherds that had nothing except each other look for their forever home – News

Dogs are pack animals who enjoy being with their companions. For some dogs, their human family is their pack. Others join forces with another dog to create a pack. Gus and Laurie, two German Shepherds, were in this situation. There was no one else in the world for these two canines but each other, and their bond was extremely strong.
Gus and Laurie have been together since they were children. They’re the only ones who know each other and have ever known each other. The circumstances surrounding their rescue are yet unknown. At 3 months old, the pair was discovered together in a stranger’s barn. Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in Stephens City, Virginia, took in the German Shepherd couple when they were 7 months old.

“They’ve only known each other their entire lives.” Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue posted on their Facebook page, “They were found as strays at three months old and have since lived in someone’s barn.” “They’re about 7 months old now, and we’re hoping to find someone who can keep them together.” Look no further if you’re looking for a bonded couple.”

The photographs of the two dogs that the rescue uploaded went viral on the internet. The photographs quickly went viral, with over 16,000 shares on Facebook.

The dog pair’s body language says it all.
They are always there for one another. One cannot exist without the other. As the protector, Gus keeps an eye on things. Laurie, who is shy, needs Gus for her own good.

These images serve as a reminder that dogs, like humans, are capable of expressing emotion and bonds. Dogs are tremendously loyal and lovely, whether to another dog or to a human.

Many people wanted to adopt them because of their internet celebrity.

“This post has received a tremendous amount of attention. If you’re interested in Gus and Laurie, please fill out an application at “These pups are awaiting cat and kid testing and have arrived in their foster home in Virginia,” according to another Facebook post.

The shelter also insisted on the dogs being adopted together.

“We have been getting a lot of inbox questions about this pair! Let me try to answer them here. The adoption fee is $325 each. They must be adopted together,” Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue wrote on Facebook yesterday. “They just arrived to their foster today in northern Virginia so we don’t know much about them yet. They are not aggressive but are in need of socialization.”

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue had this to say about the dogs’ viral fame:

“We haven’t done a “Thank you” post in a long time, and with tonight’s events with Gus and Laurie being posted by some very huge pages, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our fans.”

You all have supported Jen and I since day 1 when we jumped in both feet first to save Frozone and now here we are, 10 months later, 350 dogs in and counting. There are dogs from WV, VA, TX, NC, GA, FL, PA, MD, EGYPT and more sitting in safe, warm, loving homes thanks to the endless shares, donations and support you provide.

We’re in this for the dogs, as we’ve always stated. The Facebook post reads, “Because every dog deserves a home.”

The rescue revealed some great news soon after: the duo had been adopted!

Laurie and Gus won’t have to worry about being apart for the rest of their lives. Now, due to Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, they’ll be able to live happily ever after in their forever home.

Consider donating to Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue if you’d like to help them save pets in need.

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