Sad Dog That Walked With Her Head Lowered & Tail Tucked Obtains A 2nd Chance

Shelter Dog Who Walked With Her Head Lowered & Tail Tucked Gets A Second Chance

Losing one’s sense of purpose or the will to live has to be one of the most dreadful experiences for any living soul, among all the crippling illnesses and catastrophes. ilovemydogsomuch writes

When Dora the dog was initially sighted by the “Howl Of A Dog” rescuers, she was filled with a similar sense of terror. Dora was residing in a public pound after being apprehended on the streets, but her lack of zeal and drab demeanor were alarming.

Nobody knew what Dora’s life had been like before, but she didn’t seem to like playing or socializing with others. Her eyes were continuously troubled, as if she’d forgotten what life was all about, and her hunchback stride was as unnerving. Her back would sag and she’d walk with her head hung low in shame, her tail tucked between her knees.

Dora was rescued by Howl Of A Dog and taken to their shelter, where she was discovered to be underweight and suffering from a variety of skin disorders. The workers, on the other hand, struggled to cope with her tremendous despair and hopelessness. She was so broken that every time a worker petted her, she would fall apart like a house of cards.

Despite Dora’s forlorn posture, the employees persisted in making loving gestures to reassure her that she was being saved and cared for. She finally opened her numbed heart to the vague hope that life was improving for the better after two weeks. Her playdates with other dogs, field outings, and car journeys evolved into therapy sessions that changed her perspective on life!

Dora’s transformation from a shut-in to a life-loving dog is documented in this video. Seeing her relearn how to dream is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Dora’s longing for a proper home was finally realized when she was adopted by an English family! Her parents adore her, and her Labrador sibling acts as a protective big brother to her. We are overjoyed for this wonderful young lady!

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