Charges in, kicks a tree, then farts on a dog in a cocky manner.

If given enough food, a horse will frequently develop a “hay belly.” Instead of fat, this is a symptom of typical gas production. Horses produce a ton of gas, which is why they frequently flatulate! Horses are large enough animals—I don’t know about you—that I wouldn’t want to be there when they pass gas.

A funny video that a horse’s family put online depicting the animal’s peculiar behavior has gone viral. Sven the Grulla Quarter Horse is portrayed in the film “running through the woods with the dogs, kicking trees, farting, and just generally having a great time,” according to his owners.

Before sprinting back into the meadow and passing the people and dogs, the horse farts loudly before hitting a tree. Over 32 million people have now watched the YouTube video!

A great cinematic masterpiece, according to one commenter. I wasn’t convinced that the fabled kick, fart, and run could be condensed into just 25 seconds when I first read the headline. But with such ease, this horse executed one of the universe’s most powerful maneuvers. What an example.

Without a doubt, we concur! The pet owner continues, “The dogs and horses are all excellent buddies and frequently play together.  Sven never bothers the dogs, and they get along wonderfully. He was only acting a little rambunctious today.

Numerous studies suggest that there may be a connection between dogs and horses. They can communicate by replicating each other’s actions while they play together. During hunting and on farms, horses and dogs have already demonstrated their ability to work together.

We laugh as hard at Yukon’s original video’s comments as we do at the horse farting. This horse is a smart horse indeed, one user wrote in a hilarious way. He stormed in with such grace and agility, expertly landing the kick on the tree’s trunk, where it hurts the most. He then makes a turn to leave the area. He gives it all and activates his afterburner knowing that his fuel is running low. He was able to flee the situation more quickly than when he arrived thanks to this additional rearward thrust. incredible and faultless performance

Both of them are companion animals that like company, so as long as they are courteous and well-behaved, there shouldn’t be any problems. Before you know it, Yukon could upload a video of all the animals running around and tooting for us all to enjoy.

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