This Dog Won’t Go Farther Without His Best Friend

You want to go out and party on Friday night, but your pal is in lockdown. That’s correct, he was caught slipping out too often and can no longer keep up with you. What do you then? Well, the majority of us would probably just hang out with our other buddies while making fun of the unfortunate fool who was caught. not this dog though. A North Swedish Horse, this Standard Schnauzer’s closest friend, is in lockdown, and he plans to stay right there with him.

Of course, the Schnauzer suffers some very significant scratches as a result:

The reason this dog persists, in my opinion, is that his canine friends don’t offer nearly as satisfying back scratching as his horse friend.

Swedish horses with a heavy build are known as North Swedish Horses. According to the website of the breed association, they are indeed the only native breed of Sweden. They are thought of as light draft animals. They have a reputation for being agile and simple to teach. They also have a pleasant disposition.

It’s obvious that this North Swedish Horse enjoys his dog’s attention, including the licking!

Watch the entire adorable video below:

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