Two Dogs on a Street Corner are So Pleased Someone Saves Them.

In Southern California, Suzette Hall frequently locates and saves stray dogs she sees. But occasionally, she will stumble across one or two dogs that cry out for help regardless of the circumstances.

She got a call from a woman the other day who had observed two dogs cuddling on a street corner. A Pit bull and a Yorkie mix, both large dogs, were curled up next to each other on the pavement. The Good Samaritan asked Hall, the creator of Logan’s Legacy, for assistance after asking around the neighborhood and learning that the dogs had just materialized out of nowhere.

In a Facebook post, Hall described the dogs as “not belonging here, they showed up days ago,” according to the neighbors.


The two canines were overjoyed that someone had stopped and taken notice of them when Hall arrived to pick them up. They were ecstatic when we arrived, as Hall recalled. “They exchanged glances as if to say, ‘Someone finally came,'”

The dogs literally raced to her, she said, expressing how glad they were.

“I was able to get the little girl right away,” Hall said of the operation. The large baby only wanted to be by her side.

Hall acknowledged that not everyone would want to take the Pittie. Most people would have abandoned the pit, but not under my supervision.

Hall then put both dogs in crates and drove them to the veterinarian.

She took some photos and video of her rescue of the pair and immediately marvelled at how close the two dogs are.

I have never previously witnessed a friendship quite like this, Hall said. She remarked, “They wiggled their tails and were literally so happy with joy,” after making sure both dogs were secure in her car. They exchanged glances once more before saying, “Someone did come.

The canines “snuggled all the way” to Camino Pet Hospital so they could be examined.

Hall decided to give them the names Louise (the terrier) and Thelma (the pitta). The Dodo was later informed by Hall that despite Louise’s need for a groom to remove the mats in her fur and Thelma’s skin rash, both dogs passed their health checks.

The dogs are currently seeking a foster or permanent home. However, Hall really desires for the couple to be adopted together.

Hall stated to the Dodo, “They must be together.” They are inseparable.

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