Old homeless dog had sad stories to tell, so man held him and listened.

A senior Pit Bull named Hero was forced to spend his final days in a shelter. Nobody was willing to take the elderly dog in. Pit Crew Rescue in Sacramento learned about Hero and came to pick him up. Even though the dog was no longer in a shelter, his terrible days persisted. He needed a lifelong home in the short time he had left. His graying visage said it all; enough years had gone without a family, and he craved the affection he had never known.

Hero was an abuse victim. His wounds, both internal and external, told heartbreaking stories. The rescue group’s only wish was for the dog to be happy in his new home before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. A kind couple met Hero and knew he belonged with them. However, this was not solely their decision to make. Sugar, another stunning Pittie, had to accept Hero. Being good dog parents, they knew they needed to introduce the two puppies before making a final selection.

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