Golden Retriever Adopts Tiny Puppy And Becomes An Amazing Dad

Golden Retriever Adopts Tiny Puppy And Becomes An Amazing Dad

The saddest aspect of having a pet is that they will be lonely anytime we are gone, which is unavoidable because we still have job and other responsibilities to attend to. If you have no choice but to leave your pet alone for the majority of the time, consider adopting another pet so that they may keep each other company while you are away.

Jin Mao’s owner had done an excellent job in bringing him another puppy to cheer him up. After two years of being alone, the Golden Retriever has finally given birth to a child of his own! As his hooman answered the door and introduced him to the newest addition of their family, a labradoodle, he was overjoyed.

This dog was so small that he fit into this man’s pocket. Teddy was his name.

Their friendship blossomed from the moment they met. Jin Mao sprang up on his hind legs as soon as he saw Teddy and carefully sniffed the pup, as though warmly greeting his new boi. He was already anticipating that they would have a lot of fun together. Also, can we talk about how well their coats match?

Jin Mao eventually proves to be an incredible father, who is both kind and compassionate. Jin Mao practically follows Teddy everywhere he goes, guides him, and patiently plays with him as he learns new things and discovers the world. They are inseparable even as Teddy grows up and evolves into a lovely pup.

There are still moments when Jin Mao refuses to grow up, such as when he couldn’t bear sharing his “teddy” with Teddy, despite the fact that he was ok sharing food and other toys. What a strange yet adorable doggo!

Watch the lovely dad and his playful son here:

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