A French Bulldog Puppy’s Reaction To Being Complimented Is Hilarious

French Bulldog Puppy Has Hilarious Reaction Over Being Given A Compliment – Dog Dispatch

All pups are gorgeous, but French Bulldogs are particularly adorable. They are attractive with their large bat ears and wrinkly, short snout. As a result, it’s no surprise that the American Kennel Club ranks these energetic pups as the fourth most popular breed.

Despite their diminutive size, French bulldogs have big personalities. Frenchies, like little bulldogs, are small bundles of joy. They have a reputation for being wildly entertaining from the moment they are young puppies.

Take, for example, this adorable white French bulldog puppy. Sean Sarantos, a social media fitness guru, owns this little nugget named Link, who already has over 150,000 Instagram followers because he is so freaking gorgeous!

He’s apparently shy and doesn’t know how to accept a compliment. “How do you like your bandana?” Sean inquires. “Link can’t think of anything else to do but nibble the back of Sean’s neck in the cutest way possible.”

Link is a fantastic character with even more entertaining replies. When Sean compliments him on how stylish and attractive he looks in his bright red bandana, he starts barking and making lovely little grunt sounds.

Link even dunks his head in the water while barking and snorting at his father. After a few nibbles, it’s evident that this dog isn’t sure what to make of such high praise for his cuteness. Link wins the Internet for being so sweet after a small high five.

If you want to check out more of his adorableness, you can find him on Instagram. Please share this funny Frenchie with your family and friends.

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